While many fast foods tend to be high fat and calories, children (and adults) need to know if they take the time to choose wisely, their fast food selections can be healthy choices. More and more fast food establishments have become aware of and are turning their attention to producing healthy foods.

No doubt it is the consumer that has brought this need to the retailers attention that more and more people are, as individuals, becoming aware of the need to promote their own good health and well being by eating healthy foods.

There are far too many obese children in our society today. More emphasis needs to be on teaching children about nutrition and the good health benefits that are a result of practicing healthy eating habits. Children need to be taught, and a lot of adults need to learn that healthy eating and good nutrition start by making nutrient-rich, healthy food choices-foods with large amounts of vitamins and minerals in fewer calories. 

Children are allowed to gorge themselves at fast food establishments during the day and then go home and gorge themselves with snacks and then eat a full meal in the evening. Parents need teach children that snacks are small meals. Children need to be taught to read labels on the snacks they purchase and choose their snacks wisely to get all the nutrients and energy their body needs. They need to be encouraged to follow what they have learned about nutrition. They need to learn the benefits of eating healthy foods.


When researchers rate whether a food item is healthy or unhealthy their findings are based on their levels of eight nutrients.  Research shows that tomatoes may cut the risk of bladder, stomach and colon cancers in half if eaten daily.  A tomato has 26 calories, 0 fat and 1 gram of fiber. Research also confirms that dietary vitamin C plays a vital role in your health, keeping your immune system functioning as it should and protecting you from scurvy, gum disease, gallbladder attacks, heart disease and stroke among other nasty stuff!

Eat healthy! Teach our children to eat healthy!  Whether or not we have good health is a final decision that is totally up to YOU!


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